Stonehill Tavern at St Regis Review

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stonehill_tavern02I had the pleasure of going to Stonehill Tavern at St Regis in Monarch Beach, CA a couple of days ago for my anniversary. The experience was way better than expected so I had to write a review about it and share my thoughts with others that are coming in Orange County and looking for a great upscale dining experience.

First, the food was really great, but that is expected from a 4 star restaurant so almost nothing to brag about here, but the food was really good, the textures were perfect and everything was spot on. However, what you don’t count on when dining is great customer service. Even an upscale place can have some service issues from time to time, but my high expectations were met, and exceeded, which is a far more than I was counting on. I would go back again for the service alone, and the fact that the food is out of this world great, it’s almost a no brainer to recommend it to others.

A couple of points that I found really noteworthy was the at they provided some samples of the chef’s creations and we were pleasantly surprised by the exquisite taste that the chef was putting together and sharing with us complimentary. In addition to the samples, they created a special dish for us because it was our anniversary, which made our night all the more memorable and romantic. Both my wife and I had one of the best dining experiences we had and will recommend it for both romantics diners, as well as an upscale night life for those that want to enjoy the evening.

They have ocean front views available, and the ambiance is hip, but upscale, and certainly a favorite of the Real Wives of Orange County, and Orange County Travel.

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