The City Of Anaheim

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cityanaheimAnaheim, which can be referred as the house of Disneyland, is a city in the Orange County, in California. This city of Anaheim is ranked the 54th in US. On the basis of its population, it is the 10th most populated city in California. It is expected that the population of the city will increase further due to consistent progress in its area of the Platinum triangle and in Anaheim hills. Anaheim is particularly famous for its interest in sports and sports teams, convention centers and theme parks.

Anaheim was first set up by about 50 German families in the year 1857 and soon it turned into an industrial section of the state. It produces electronics like aircraft part and many more gadgets. More importantly, Anaheim is the site of the world famous Disney resort which is a prominent group of hotels and fascinating theme parks. Other important places in Anaheim are the stadium of Anaheim, Honda centre and the biggest convention centre on the west coast-Anaheim convention centre.

The history of the city Anaheim is quite interesting due to the fact that it was first founded by grape farmers and wine makers and in contrast, today the city has emerged as an industrial centre though with the business of canned fruits too. The initial settlers voted for the name Annaheim which literally means “home beside the river Santa Anna” in German language. The grape industry was spoiled due to an insect pest and the empty space was then filled by other fruits and vegetables which became cash crops, turning into a source of income. Before the Disneyland was set up in the city, Anaheim was considered as a huge rural community where the landowners who nurtured the orange groves lived. After the Disney land was established, the face of Anaheim admirably changed. Disneyland became the biggest and most fascinating tourist attraction of the city. It was Walt Disney who is credited for making Anaheim popular and giving a new admirable face to the city.

In economical terms, Anaheim’s most prominent and the largest industry is the tourism. The Anaheim convention centre is the site for a large number of national conferences. Also, due to the presence of Disneyland in the city, Walt Disney Company turns out to be the largest employer of the city. It boosts the tourism industry being the largest tourist spot of city and one of the most prominent in the whole world. Also, the Anaheim Canyon Business Park is known as the largest industrial district in the orange county. Besides the tourism industry, Anaheim also relates its economy with the production of electronics and canned fruits.

Besides the Disneyland, the other attractions of the Anaheim are the Adventure City, the Anaheim Convention Centre which is the biggest convention centre on the west coast, the Honda Centre which was the earlier the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, the Grove of Anaheim, earlier the Sun Theatre and formerly Tinsel town Studios, the Angel Stadium of Anaheim and many more.
Anaheim welcomes you open heartedly to taste the fascinating attraction spots which reside in it.

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