Orange County Restaurants

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img_999840_primaryThe Orange County is situated in the southern California. It is a major magnet for the tourists from all around the world and when the tourists are there, the facilities and hospitality is required to make them feel most comfortable. Thus, Orange County is also a home to a number of restaurants.

There are a number of restaurants in Orange County and of various types. These types can be described in the category of type of food that is served in them. For instance, there are Mexican restaurants; Indian restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Greek food restaurants and the most popular ones are American and Californian restaurants. The examples of other types of Orange County restaurants are like restaurants for family dining, romantic restaurants and beach front or outdoor dining. Many of the restaurants emphasize on theme dining, dress codes and other occasional activities, thus making themselves more popular. The popularity factor also depends on their respective location. Those restaurants which are situated on the hill tops or cliffs and beaches attract far more people due to the surrounding beauty and mesmerizing sites. A few of the most popular restaurants of Orange county are following.

230 Forest – the restaurant named the 230 forest is situated on the Laguna Beach and is considered as a California type seafood restaurant. The average meal price in this restaurant is about 28 dollars and moreover, it is probably a popular romantic spot. The cuisines served here are generally American and Californian and they are in the category of sea foods only

Opah – Opah is more of a stylish restaurant than the ones which endorse elegance and beauty. The usual meal cost comes out to be around 26 dollars. This restaurant also holds features like bars, parties and private rooms et cetera

Napa Rose – the other popular restaurant is the Napa Rose which resides inside the Disneyland resort, Anaheim and predictably is quite expensive. It is known for its selectiveness in dishes and cuisines and thus is counted as an exclusive restaurant of the orange county. The average cost of meal is more than 30 dollars. The meals provided here are dinners only.

PCH Grill – this restaurant is located in the Disneyland, Anaheim. It is not expensive and is as welcoming as a home itself. The average price of a main course meal is about 17 dollars. The ambience here is considered bright and entertaining while the cuisine presented here are American, Asian and Californian.

Restaurant 162‘ – this restaurant is situated at the top of a cliff and much obviously provides super elegant views of the ocean. This restaurant provides all the meals of the day and features live music and parties also.

Tangata – situated in Santa Ana, Tangata is more of an art place to have meal. The cuisines provided here are American, continental, Californian, French and European. It also hosts a bright atmosphere and serves outdoor dining too. The average meal cost is about 20 dollars.

21 Oceanfront - Located directly on the Pacific ocean boardwalk, this fine dining location is one of the most well-known, beautiful, and upscale facilities in Orange County.  The menu includes fresh seafood, top notch red meat, and some favorites that are sure to please.

The above mentioned Orange County restaurants are just the tip of the iceberg and the true list is unending. it’s just for you to go and taste the flavor Orange county.

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