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surradisneylandGroups traveling to Anaheim, CA have a lot of choices and options.  With so many choices and options, how does a group go about picking the right one for them.  The following are some group travel tips, ideas, and other information related to Group Travel in Anaheim.

Anaheim Group Travel Options:

1. Group Travel Location: Take into consideration what your activities are going to be and what is going to be convenient in getting around to those locations.  Depending on what activities are planned, there are some good options to help fill those needs and provide some great benefits as well.

Typically, the resort area around Disneyland is busy on the weekend, thus with the increased demand comes higher prices.  It’s a no-brainier that prices would be higher on the weekend versus the weekday next to tourist area, but what may not be well-known is just down the street from the Disneyland resort area are some really nice corporate areas.  These locations are typically busy during the weekdays and drop their prices on the weekend.  This means that is you are able to go a little farther out of the resort area, you will get better values and prices on the weekend, versus staying right next to the parks.  The benefits include free shuttles to the park, free shuttles to the airport, free breakfast, and more.  Plus, the places in the corporate areas are often quite on the weekends and so there will be less crowds.  However, if you are traveling on the weekdays, then it’s often a better value to stay nears a tourist area rather than the corporate area.

2. Group Travel Amenities: There are lots of amenities that hotels can offer today, but groups can often get additional benefits if they ask.  Some of these benefits include a private dining area for group meals, special pricing on services, discounts at local attractions, and preferred selection of rooms.

There are few times where a group can also ask for a rebate based on number of rooms occupied at a certain rate.  This often works for sports teams, non-profit groups, and other associations that have the ability to book large numbers of rooms and want to provide something back to the organizer for overhead.

3. Group Travel Transportation: This can often be tricky for groups as they are often too big for normal transportation, and some time too small for large transportation.  The answer here is to find a reliable source and to stick with it.  For example, there are many taxi vans in service so the best thing is to find a good driver and then keep using the same one and make a schedule with them so they know what the needs are of the group.  Often, they will be able to assist in finding more transportation if needed, as well as provide good bulk rates for various trips.  The other alternative is to rent a private van or passenger vehicles, but there would need to be a licensed class b driver, so this option is often a last resort.

For assistance with any group travel needs please feel free to contact our professional group travel service and one of our reps will be glad to help you.

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